Behind the Art with Stacey

Happy February!  The Restore kit is full of really cool elements and gorgeous papers.  I was super drawn to the doors in this kit because they represent an opening and a closing.  Sometimes you need to do both or either in order to be fully present in life.

The doors and the theme led me to the thoughts of restoring my faith.  I have had the opportunity to rediscover my faith this past year.  I have always been spiritual, but I renewed my relationship with the church.  There was a compelling reason I walked down that path, my kids.

They are the light of my life so when it was time for religious education to start, I found my way back to church. One there, I realized how grounded I am when I go. How much it has benefitted our family. I cut out two doors to symbolize my two kids and how they opened that door for me. I also used the circular love tag above like a beacon in the sky. I guess it represents heaven and God spreading his light and love down on us.

I incorporated the light of my life and love of my life elements near the doors along with the thankful rub-on.  There is a power in typography on a page.

My words explain how my faith was restored.  I think they speak for themselves!

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