Behind the Art with Stacey

This is my last layout for the month.  I made it to celebrate a man who has restored my faith in love, safety and loyalty.  He has been everything to me as a little girls and gave me a gift I needed, security.  He restored my faith in fatherhood as a concept, which helped me develop trust.

He is my father.  Technically, my stepfather but I never looked at it that way.  He has loved me unconditionally and fully.  His love has restored my faith.  I built my title using the wooden letters and the love arrow.  I used the rub-on under the photo because those are the perfect adjectives for him..

In this life, both when I was and little girl and today, he has been my rock.

I can't tell you how this man has helped to heal me.  Parents have the power to make you who you are.  When I felt confused or abandoned, he was there to make me feel better.  I told that story.  I am glad that I did!


Michele E said...

oh my goodness - this is so powerful...

such a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to him

Anonymous said...

Your scrapbook is very amazing! I love all of these wonderful wordings! I also want to design a scrapbook and want to attach all my wedding photographs there. It is a good way to add memories of Banquet Halls on a scrapbook.