Behind the Art with Jen

What can I say?  Little things make me happy.... Like pedicures and pretty feet.  It's snowing and in the negative digits outside right now!  I don't care... I want my toes to look pretty!  So, I take a little time for myself once a month (okay, sometimes twice a month!).  It is my time to relax and have someone pamper me.
I love the warm water, the soft lotions, the massage chair, and the time to sit and read alone.  It's such a  funny thing to go to my favorite nail place and see, not only women but men who are getting their feet smoothed and polished.  The last time I went, all the chairs were taken by 30ish year old men.  It was a riot!  They loved having their feet done!  It's good for everyone!
 The journaling of this page was almost entirely from one of the cards in my kit.  I loved the statements of relaxation... the list of reasons to chill.  So, I underlined or set off a few that really captured my page.  I only added a few written statements under the photo.  I also love the rub-ons to add to my photo!

 The cork and kraft accents made me so happy!  I love them so much! 
 Do you get pedicures to escape reality or to relax?  Does it revive you?  I know if I didn't go at least once a month, I would have nasty looking feet but also not have that time to unwind.  Take time to revive yourself!

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