Behind the Art with Felecia

“Everything begins with a decision. Then, we have to manage that decision for the rest of your life.”  - John C. Maxwell.

When I heard John Maxwell explain his statement about decisions, I found it profound. it got me thinking about some of the things I may have decided long ago that I am just managing - good or bad. 
I really started paying attention to how my decisions make me feel  - some make me feel helpless while others are empowerin. One of my decisions has been to plant good things in my brain - Garbage in, Garbage, out, right?

For me, that means my Bible - and a cup of coffee. This daily ritual, something I do every day...even if its at my desk with an on-line Bible. I find things like Proverbs and Psalms so inspiring, and honestly, quite practical. 

I have often used butterflies to symbolize the lightness and freedom that certain things give me. My Bible time does this for me...it gives me lightness and a great sense of excitement. I look at my world with a sense of expectation that something wonderful is going to burst forth.

These small moments of restoration refresh my eyes and my spirit to pay attention to the marvelous things that happen in the world, to focus on joy and kindness, to see and be excited by the spontaneous goodness around me. 

Moments of restoration don't have to be long spa days or days at the beach (although i'm never going to turn either one down!)- they can be moments of simple grace you give yourself in the midst of your day...

Peace, ya'll!

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Michele E said...

your page is beautiful and your closing statement...so true and so wonderfully expressed