Behind the Art with Felecia

One of my commitments to myself in 2015 is to go and do and to keep it simple. 

Upon the recommendation of my sweet husband, I gave 9round a try - a little kick-boxing based HIIT program.

On those early early mornings I crawl out of bed, head out the door, drag myself to the gym, and proceed to sort of physically torture myself, I leave with my heart full (and beating really fast!) 

I wanted to symbolize both my literal going through the door and my sort of mentally going through a door with the whole 9round process.

The glorious truth about this program is that I don't really have to be in my own head too much - the workout moves too fast (simplify!).

And the glorious truth is that this program is done in 30 minutes (simplify!).

And the glorious truth is that when I leave, I am physically alert, mentally ready for just about anything that the world throws at me, and fully in the moment of "now." 

I absolutely love it. Big huge heart love it.

Here is what is sort of shocking to me - and part of my journaling because I wanted it documented - I never thought  I would love it. 

I never thought it would do for me both physically and mentally what it does for me.

I never thought it would bring me so fast to a place where I MISS it when I miss it. 

I'm completely surprised that this of all thing is restorative for me. and hello - Pink gloves...how can you ever go wrong with pink gloves?

Peace, ya'll!

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