Behind the Art with Jen

 Another page from this month's "Restore" kit.  I love the cork gradient paper but really wanted to add more texture to it.  I have a little tutorial to share on how I did this background.

 I used Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft's Whipped Spackle and a palette knife to create an area of texture.  I just smoothed it on and left areas thicker in some spots.
 I used one of the We R Memory Keepers Shine Acrylic Shapes to stamp shapes into the spackle. 
 I like the shape and it reminds me of mapping where you have been in the world or life.

 Once dry, I sprayed it with the Imagine Crafts Walnut Ink in Cherry Blossom where it pooled in the lowest parts to create a variation in color.
 The embellishments in this kit are so full of texture and gives this page a touch of shine, sparkle and glam!

 My journaling reveals my revelation that as you get older, the things that mattered so much as a youth, don't matter as much anymore. I still like to look good but all the obsessing over every wrinkle, keeping lipstick on or just worrying about what other's think is not as important as how I live life and the way I make others feel. That doesn't mean I don't take the time to buy clothes that look good on me or style my hair in the morning.  I still care that I look the best I can but I don't worry about things I can't control.  I do what I can to look and feel good.  I think young people sometimes dress to fit in or to get someone's attention. I don't need or want to do that.  I dress in what makes me feel good and comfort is key!
All the little details in this page contribute to the textural feel and what makes me happy!  I love the shapes, rub ons, textures and papers in this kit. I hope you find what you need to make your life meaningful and restore your confidence in yourself!

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