Behind the Art with Stacey

The idea of authentic really makes me think of the word pure.  When I think of pure, I think of my son.  He is a pure soul, full of compassion and love.  He is sensitive and wonderful.  He can also be blunt and cranky.  No matter what, he is authentic.

I love that look on his face.  He is a great kid who brings smiles to so many of us.  Even when he is in trouble, he is the first to apologize, without being asked.  I wanted to place his picture on the part of the paper that was pure white.  I love how the top paper with the runny paint provides a contrast. 

I put the lightly stripped paper under his photo to ground the page.  I used the bold journaling card to bring your eye right to his face.  I also used the silver dotted transparency to add pattern without overwhelming.

I will admit that the whole page was inspired by the You're the Apple of My Eye cutout.  I handcut it from a journaling card so I could use it near the top of my page and have some roundness.  I also incorporated the glasses since it goes with the theme.  I put my words under the border, telling why my son and my love for him is totally pure.

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