Behind the Art with Melissa

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas week!

I am trying not to stress too much about all that needs to get done but, I am definitely staying busy. That's for sure!

Today I'm sharing more about this journaling page:

When I think of Authentic... I think of something that is one of a kind. It cannot be replicated. It's the Real Deal. And so, I wanted to create a page that focused on who I am, when it comes to being one of a kind.

During the teen years of my life, I didn't want to be authentic. I think many of us can relate to that time of life... we wanted to be cool, accepted and have lots of friends. So, that usually meant observing what others were doing, wearing and copying that.

Well, thankfully, as I've grown into adulthood and have worked through those identity issues, I love embracing the REAL ME.

Some of the symbolism I brought into this page were the polaroid cut files. I used pattern papers from the kit to matte the polaroid frames. I love the colorful patterns and how they capture my personality. Colorful. Fun. One of a kind. I used some doilies from my stash because I love the feminine quality they portray. They aren't included in the kit but, are something you can still easily add or make on a die cut machine.

I also included the resin camera piece on this page. It kind of goes with the polaroid and "capture" aspect. We like to capture visual memories with a camera and so, I wanted to use that as a way to express wanting to visually capture this thought I have about being my authentic self.

Thanks for swinging by today! 

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