Behind the Art with Felecia

Have you ever done a project that you loved...but not really so much?  This is one of those projects...

I love it. I love the color, the layout, the message...but I don't. 

It doesn't feel like my work - and yet it does. 

does that make sense?

Maybe like an outfit that you adore, that feels like your own skin, that is just your best go-to outfit...but its not that flattering. I'm thinking about my hot pink sweats...HAHA!

Its authentic to be authentic about a project but its not really your favorite, right? Well, that's what I'm going with anyway. 

This shot...honestly, I'm in my pjs. I have no idea what I was trying to accomplish. Its a good picture. But not. it shows all the glorious imperfections of my real, pj-wearing, messy hair, smudged makeup self...the one that sits in front of a movie on Friday nights and decompresses. 

I'm no Kim Kardashian when it comes to taking selfies. Selfies are an art form of their own, I think. Its not my art form. 

And the whole idea of selfie's seems to me to be a "here I am" exercise rather than a "who are you?" exercise. I prefer the latter. I want to engage in conversation and debate and transfer ideas. Frankly, you are just much much much more interesting to me than I am. I want to hear you...hear your point of view. 

I suppose in that way, selfies of OTHER people are good for me. but in a way they are NOT that good for me, because I want to know the REAL you...not the perfect you in that selfie that you spent hours trying to get just right. 

While exploring AUTHENTIC, this whole selfie thing was part of my exploration. Are our selfies authentic? and when they are, do we risk criticism and ridicule? Its an interesting phenomenon to think about. What are we trying to accomplish when we take a selfie?

These wonderful little cameras? I ADORE them. They are the cutest little things! and in terms of "selfie" they are a perfect embellishment. 

And truely the the picture does make me smile - for an abundance of reasons. 

I'm quite interested in how you think about selfies. or even IF you think about them? Some people never take them. Some people live for them? Do you think that selfies contribute or detract from our authenticity? I know I'm likely to take them over and over until I get something I think is flattering...how about you?

I'm also interested in the idea that we put our emotions and ideas out there into projects that maybe are not our favorite things... What do you think? 

Peace, ya'll

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