Behind the Art with Stacey

I am here this week to share my second page using the Authentic kit!  I love the term, authentic.  It is a key word found in so many self-help books.  I have read many in my life trying to discover who I am.

I believe that in order for me to be most authentic, I need balance.  I need my family time to be my priority.  Yet, I also rely on alone time to center myself.  I have discovered over the years that there was a missing piece to my authentic self.  It involves friendships.  I realized that I can't be without my girlfriends.

Something about spending time with friends.  A different part of you comes out.  For me, I feel young and vibrant.  I love to be silly with my friends.  The laughter helps me achieve balance.  I went with that idea for this page.  I used the LOL symbols in two places to emphasize the fact that I have fun with these girls. 

I am lucky enough to have a couple of circle of friends.  Each circle offers a different experience.  One circle is over 30ears long, another spanning 20 years, and the latest only in place for one.  In that circle of friends, there are 8 of us.  I used the numbers symbolically to represent that.  I went with another word for authentic, focusing on the concept of true. 

I wrote my feelings down.  I need strong friendships to be me!  I make sure to spend time with friends and try not to feel guilty about it.  It makes me a better wife and mom in the long run.  Simply because it makes me a better me. 

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