Behind the Art with Felecia

Hi, everyone!  

When exploring the monthly words at Inside Out, I make an attempt to consider the antonyms as well as the synonyms. For authentic, that would be the word counterfeit...

This is actually a fear of mine - that I will be examined and found lacking in authenticity. 

I happened to have attended an event where I wore a little mask and had a great picture for a "counterfeit" layout that speaks of not hiding behind masks. 

For fun, I did a little tiny bit of experimenting with paint, creating a spot for the picture...and then drew some additional "masking" on the green dots. 

As with many of my pages, this is a very flat layout...its has visual details without actual dimension. By far, the most important detail on this layout for me is the journaling.

As I said last week, the colors in this kit are so beautiful and amazing to work with. Its been so much fun to dip into these products to explore AUTHENTIC. The supplies have really pushed me to explore in a different way!  LOVE that!

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