Behind the Art with Jen

Becoming... it's amazing that as a get older, I like who I am more and more.  Even though I don't like the idea of aging, I have had so many experiences in my 40 years that I feel like I am much more confident in my skin and abilities!
This page is about liking who I have grown into at 40 years old!  I have done a lot this year already and it seems that this is my best year.  When I was younger, I didn't appreciate what I was or understand the importance of just being me.

 This page used all of the ends of the papers where the extra strip is. I cut them all off and trimmed the edges like a ribbon and crinkled them for texture. 
 Some Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Gelatos in warm colors with some pen scribbles around it!  Fun background!
 This was such a fun page to do and I love how you can use what is leftover as a finished page!

What have you learned over the years that makes you stronger than you were yesterday?

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