Behind the Art with Melissa

To me, being Authentic means you be your true self 100%. 

There is no one else quite like you.

You embrace the characteristics of your personality. Your mannerisms. Your opinions. Your faith. Your likes and dislikes. Your quirks.

We're all one of a kind. 

Back in my school days, I took issue with that. I didn't want to be one of a kind. I wanted to fit in. So, I adapted to other personality types. That included what I believed it. I experimented. I said I believed in certain things to fit in.

Now that I'm all grown up and have lived through those crazy years, I don't care about fitting in when it comes to my faith. 

For me, seeing the result of my life thus far, makes it easy to not apologize for what I believe in. I won't hold back. I won't keep silent.

I might lose friends. (Yeah... that hurts deep down...)
I might create debates.  (I actually enjoy those.)
I might be admired.

And I think, because I've reached this conclusion of not apologizing or trying to "fit in", it enhances my authenticity.

When it comes to the design aspect of this page, I really love layering and combining patterns. It doesn't always take on a symbolic role for me. And I don't think it has to. Sometimes I just like to play with colors that I like to create a pretty page. This page is one that I wanted to have fun with. There is almost a snarkiness to it as I declare "NO APOLOGIES". 

I included the transparency in my layering because I actually do like the symbolic nature it brings. Because I won't hide my beliefs... there is definitely a transparency there. 

I added the doilies from my own stash because I just love the femininity and softness they add. It was the perfect addition to help balance out this bold, somewhat sassy page.

Is there a piece of YOUR authentic self that you are not apologetic about? Grab a kit and express yourself on a visual journaling page! 

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