Behind the Art with Jen

Jen here with one of my December pages using the "Authentic" kit!  When I thought about the word "authentic", I had to think of this photo of me reflected in the window of a building from the early 1900's.  There is a historic collection of buildings in Hamilton, NY that I visit each year while at a scrapbooking crop at White Eagle Conference Center.  It's sad and gorgeous all at once.  The buildings have been moved here and they are arranged in a town-like setting.  It's like a piece of history that has been abandoned. Remnants of life is still present... curtains, wallpaper, kitchen items, toilets, carved initials and other items left in the buildings. It like when our bodies become older with all their cracks and chipped paint but with traces of our lives left behind.

 The word authentic means: true to one's personality, spirit, or character.   I think that is why I love old buildings ... they still have their character and personality even when restored they hold all the charm they held so many years ago (unless the restoration was more like a renovation).
 I used some watered down Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Gelatos on a craft mat and pressed the woodgrain cardstock into the puddles for a background.    The pen was used on the mat too with water added and flicked on the page for droplets.
 I think we are a lot like buildings who age.. maybe we should look past the cracked paint and see the story of the life lived and character of the person within.  Judging something based on how we look is deceiving. I try to be as authentic as possible but it's strange to see changes in my looks as I age and each line tells a story in my journey of life. 
 What does your facade say about you?  What stories do hold within?

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