Behind the Art with Felecia

Hey, everyone!

Today I'm sharing my first layout from the amazing December AUTHENTIC kit from Inside Out

Let me BE authentic and say...when I first opened up my December kit, I thought, "This thing is gorgeous..and I NEVER use these colors...what am I going to DO with this?" 

See, I scrapbook BOYS in the majority of my layouts...heavy on the blue and orange and red. Its my sweet spot. Maybe not so much because those are the colors I love, but because they make my scrapbooking very very easy with all those boy pictures.

But here...here I have this AMAZING pallet of pink and aqua and yellow and this fantastic green and light gray...and oh, my its so stunning and , oh, my, I was so overwhelmed. 

So, talking to myself, I said, sort of under my breath, "Authentic...what does authentic mean to me?"

And one of those BOYS (the older one who is a smarty pants) says, "Its the REAL DEAL, Mom!" 

The real deal...the real deal...I turned that phrase over and over in my head for a bit...and thought, I have a lot of "the real deal" in my life...and it isn't pink, aqua, yellow, and green...where do I go with that?  

And honestly, the same smarty pants boy told me to him the "real deal" was his good friends. 

Me too. 

I have but a handful of "real deal" friends, though I attempt to surround myself with "real deal" people on a consistent basis...

These two...they just love me and my family for exactly who we are...our authentic selves. 

I unabashedly LOVE those circles! As you have well figured out by now, my art is not fussy. So to fussy cut all those circles..that has to be love right?  

Plus I was watching an episode of NCIS and cutting circles seemed like a great thing to do while I watched my episode.

These beautiful women are always there for me, any day of the week, thick or thin, no matter what I have going on. 

The layers of circles, these represent my life...and those beautiful pink splashes of mist (from the Fireworks mist included in the ENERGY kit) are perfectly messy.

To add to the feeling the title, picture and journaling are all askew...sort of like me!  HAHA!

I love how this kit challenged me to think outside the boxes I've created for myself in my art. It forced me to really think about authenticity and how much I avoid things (like colors) that are not easy for me.

That's some good stuff!!

Peace, ya'll!

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