Behind the Art with Melissa

Hi everyone,

I'm sharing with you my first page created using the December kit AUTHENTIC.

It's such a beautiful kit and I just loved exploring that word and how it applies to my identity. I swear I learn so much about myself each month. That is the beauty of our approach here at Inside Out.

I love layering. I love taking different patterns and colors and piling them on top of each other. I love the symbolism it exudes, as well. Like that old metaphor of peeling back the layers of an onion... so is the same about the layers of our soul and who we are. I like my layers to be bright and colorful! Not to distract but to entertain and provide enjoyment.

The journaling on this page is short but definitely reflective. I definitely do care what people think about me but, it doesn't hinder me from being the true me. I am goofy. Spirited. I let my dork flag fly. And I'm not afraid to use dorky photos of myself on these pages.

Because it is who. I. Am. And I hope, that later in life as I share these pages with friends and family, they can have a giggle and knowing nod as they read about me.

I used the days of the week stickers by WRMK on this page because I want to be the real me everyday. It's such a weird and conflicting thought process as I wonder what others think of me... and still not caring... in a way. 

For this page, as I recorded this aspect of Authentic, I just wanted it to be simple and to the point. I'm a goof. I want to make sure you know I'm a goof. And that's just the way it's going to be. I'll wonder what folks think of me. I'll want them to like me. And it will bother me for a few seconds if they don't. Because I've worked really hard on myself over the years and I love that I'm in this place of caring... but really not caring. 

I know... it's a strange thought but I hope someone out there can relate. :) 

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