Behind the Art with Jen

 This kit really inspired me to look at all the things I'm blessed with.  My boys are one of my greatest masterpieces! I am always wishing that they know the joy of my love and hard work.  Even though my childhood was a very happy one with everything I could ever wish for, I worked hard to get where I am with my life.  I am an over-achiever by nature... I have a hard time doing anything halfway.  I want my kids to have that fire in them but more than that, I want them to be happy.
I love this photo of my youngest with a dandelion.  He was probably 2 in this photo.  Such an innocent and easy time  in our life.  To him, any day playing outside is a happy day!

I thought this stencil was perfect to go along with the puffy star stickers and the "wish" symbolism. I adore the sequins from Fancy Pants too! 
 The pocket upside down holds my journaling card.  Life is hard... being persistent is important and I want my kids to know that you have to work hard through challenges.  It's how you deal with the negative times and the disappointments that make your future positive. 

 So many lucky moments create my life... my wish is that my kids know such happiness even when live gets hard!

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