Behind the Art with Felecia

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!  Felecia here to share a bit about my layout "Kiss"

It seems appropriate on Thanksgiving that I would share a layout about kisses from Heaven...

I'm a fan of modern dancer and choreographer Twyla Tharp. I find her aesthetic at once beautiful, quirky, original and mesmerizing. 

I also find her approach to creating and creativity very accessible...its about process and preparation. Like Julia Cameron, she advocates being READY for the spark of creativity and she fully endorses working hard at perfecting your craft, especially when you are not feeling creative.

A few years ago, I bought and immediately devoured Twyla's book 

In it I found this quote and it has remained one of my favorites..."Whether or not God has kissed your brow, you still have to work. Without learning and and preparation, you won't know how to harness the power of that kiss."

I LOVE this...that we are gifted, kissed by heaven...but that we still have to WORK to develop and grow and learn. The kiss itself is not enough. We must hone our skills, try new things experiment, seize opportunities to use our gifts, be open to failure so we can learn to how to appropriately use our gifts. 

When I was thinking about the word "Lucky" this quote immediately came to mind. Most of us "make our own luck", if you will...by working hard and harnessing the power of our heavenly kisses.

I wanted to make the layout ethereal and play with the stars, to reflect the Heavenly aspect of "the kiss"...really this was just one of my experiments that happily turned out well.

I used the star stencil and some golden/yellow ink to make stars...and then just went crazy with mist.

The enamel stars are my favorite element..they just jump right off the page and give the perfect focus to Twyla's words. 

It really needs no more than the stars and the golden mist and the quote. 

Peace, ya'll.

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