Behind the Art with Felecia

Is there anything you do in your life that just leaves you feeling jazzed, unable to sleep, completely like you could lift up a small car and carry it around the block?

For me, that is singing. 

It makes me FEEL amazing.

To conquer a melody, the lyrics, the emotional nuances...these are still mountain top experiences for me.

When you add the energy and electricity of being on stage in front of people, its a super duper win in my world.

I don't do much stage singing these days...even still, in the shower, in my car, at my desk, in the kitchen - anywhere I can do it without bothering others, I sing. Ok..that's not entirely true. I sing even when I'm bothering people. Its so therapeutic and soul healing for me...and honestly just a bit automatic. Sometimes I find I'm singing when I don't even realize its happening. 

I wanted a layout about how singing makes me feel  - full of sparkle and connection and color and depth...

And can I just admit - I LOVE how this turned out! It says everything I feel when I'm singing!

I really enjoy using mists on projects. Its so versatile...and the COLOR in this month's kit - its amazing! I sprayed it over the stencil, splattered it, and even painted it on my plain chipboard letters. 

I also just absolutely loved using circles and half circles...connecting everything...bringing it all back together. 

I think this might be one of my most favorite layouts ever - partly because of the subject, partly because of the shimmer and sparkle and partly because of the movement the piece has.

It isn't often I get what's in my head down on paper exactly the way it feels...but this one did it!

Peace, ya'll!

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