Behind the Art with Stacey

The minute I saw the paper with all the funky lines, I knew I wanted to make them a part of my design.  I imagined using arrows to go with the lines, creating a sense of chaos, yet balance.

That is exactly how I feel about my life as a mom.  I get my life energy from my kids.  At the same time, they drain me.  It is ironic.  A cycle that keeps turning.

I like how this page moves around.  It is a bit disorganized, quite like my life.  At the center are my two beautiful children.  That make my life a work in progress and I adore them.  I placed the heart transparency right near my photo to symbolize that they are my heart.

I used the arrows, triangles and circles are repeating elements.  I wanted the eye to bounce around the page.  I decided to make my title, Zap, for when being a mom drains me and, Bam, for when I am filled up again.

I told the story of how they affect my life energy.  Mostly, they fill me up and help me realize my life's purpose.

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