Behind the Art with Jen

Soo.... this post may be one that hits home for some of you and may offend others.  I love to swear... I just do.  I say what I mean whenever I want (in my head).  When you have kids, you modify your swear words.  I say a lot of "Whatever"s and "Darn it"s.    It's not as satisfying when you are mad at your spouse or just dropped something heavy on your toe.   I try hard to not swear in front of my kids but sometimes I just do.  My kids know that adult words are NOT for them to say and they scold me too.  I always apologize to them... all is forgiven.  Except sometimes you just need to let it all out! 

There are some people in my life that just drive me nuts with their complaining, nagging, or general negative attitude.  I usually smile and move on with my day but there are times when I've had enough of the negative whining.  I just have to tell it like it is... it's not pretty or polite but that's too bad.  I am not going to sugarcoat it for them.  They deserve the real word... it's only a word but it's a strong one.  It's therapeutic and necessary at times.  
 Of course if you say it too much, it loses the power behind it.  I like to save it for real necessary times when I'm really worked up or have held it in too long.  I said it... yes I did! 
 This page was made on a day when I had released the "F-bomb" several times... mostly for a good reason, though I can't recall exactly what it was at this moment but that is irrelevant.  It's the satisfaction of getting it out there and feeling the release of all the frustration let out with one word.  It may be immature, crass, or whatever you want to call it but I love that word when used sparingly! 

So, if I offend you... sorry but WHATEVER!  Just sayin'

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