Behind the Art with Felecia

Energy comes in varying intensities...sometimes we find ourselves being too much or not enough for those around us...

I frequently find myself in a position of having more intensity than is probably healthy - and that my drive to get things done is far greater than that of those around me. 

Just as others do, when I reach the "end" of my reserves, I'm really really at the END...I crash...I get crabby and usually inert.

BUT before that happens...well...I always describe myself as a "doer." I DO things...I don't wait for others to do them...in fact that timing of events is probably my number one stressor. 

So when Rachel issued a challenge to the Inside Out members to explore intensity and how others respond, I was on the same page...I knew exactly what it meant to be too much, too hot...

This paper seemed so like my intensity...neat little rows, lots of things to manage, organize, get accomplished...

The texture is subtle - some items raised above others with dimensional adhesive...this too seemed like my intensity...from far away, you might not see it so much. But get close and there are a hundred things going through my mind. 

Acknowledging that I can be too much for some people is not the easiest thing in the world...I don't think anyone wants to admit that!  But its good to see it, know it, and put it on paper - like somehow it makes it more real for me. And more manageable.

Peace, ya'll!

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