Behind the Art with Jen

 It's Autumn and I'm loving the colors around Central New York!  My kids think it's magic to find leaves changing and how they look like someone took a paintbrush to them!  There is such a crisp energy in the air now.  Everything is a little cooler, a little fresher, a little more beautiful.  An evening run is easier because the air is not full of heat and humidity!  I love this time of year.  It is a re-energizing time of back to school, back to schedules, back to enjoying weekends because the week is crazy!

 I couldn't help but use the wood paper as a background for this page.  A bit of watered down Gesso and I was good to go with my layering.  Those vellum feathers were perfect for a touch of fall!
 I tend to move slower in the summer... it's hot!  But the Autumn has a crisp energy that livens my step!
 The colors give such a POP to the page as do the leaves on the ground!  I loved grouping all of these papers and embellishments together here in the upper corner of the paper.
 Is Autumn your favorite season?  What makes you energized?

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