Behind the Art with Stacey

I am a proud pet owner and think furry creatures are so important!  I have had to say goodbye to two pets over the past three years.  It is heartbreaking because they become such a part of your life.  We have a family dog who is in his elderly years.  I reflect all the time about how lucky we have been to have our pets with us for many years.  My cats were 16 and 19 when they passed.  I think the love they have been shown helps them to thrive.

Our dog is almost 13 and we adore him.  We know how lucky we are that he has been in our lives for so long.  I wanted to scrap about it.

I kept the page clean with white cardstock because I wanted the colorful words to pop.  I cut the typography that is on the top of the page from a heart.  I love all the words and how they apply to my dog. 

I knew I wanted a long title so I kept the white cardstock background.  I added the tags and stickers because the words matched my feelings.  I also put down the enamel heart.  I used only the top of the The Best sticker to symbolize how he is our best friend. 

I wrote about how I know time is precious.  He is healthy and doing well, but he is a senior dog.  I am sure to pet him every day because I want to cherish the time we have.  I recorded those feelings even though it is hard to think about.

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