Behind the Art with Felecia

The more I worked through the ideas and concepts that came up with the word THRIVE, the more I had to ask myself if I really was, outside of my kids, really thriving. 

I decided NOT. 

Not to say that I don't have an amazing life - because I DO. Just that I seem to be running from task to task, checking things off the To Do list, existing rather than growing, learning changing.

I realize that change comes at a different pace for adults, but I still feel strongly that my life should perhaps have more of an impact and be less about the schedule and rules. 

Lots of circles on this one...It seems right, contained...like my day to day life really is. I wanted to investigate where my boundaries are, whether or not they are fuzzy, or hard, or too confining. Its sort of exciting to think about...

I wanted to make clear that I have a GOOD LIFE...by world standards, an EXCEPTIONAL life, but that the idea of THRIVING requires me to give more attention to what I'm doing, that I need to take myself off of autopilot. 

In retrospect, I know that we have seasons...this is something I had to keep in mind as I explored THRIVING. It may be that I"m in a season of rest...or that I've been complacent with my excellent life...or...that I simply needed somebody to get me to think about his word to begin again...

Peace, ya'll!

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