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Happy Tuesday and second day of Fall (to those of us in the northern hemisphere...)

Today I'm sharing a layout dedicated to close friendships. Those friends who are like siblings... there is a tightness that is unbreakable. And if it ever did break... oooooh the heart ache.

It's those friendships that I KNOW help me thrive in life. I love how the cultivating goes both ways. A good friendship is one where each gives and takes. We both support one another and we both seek out advice, companionship, empathy, etc., etc., etc. A good friend knows when it's time to pour the wine bottle and when it is time to just sit. 

I am so thankful for the few friends I have in my life that have that "status". SO thankful. 

I did a lot of "seasoning" on this page. I wanted to sprinkle bright colors, happy faces and bold words to describe how I feel about these friendships. In my head, I think about seasonings used in cooking. Without them, the food is bland. So... you need some spice. And that's how I used the enamel dots and giant bling and smiley face. The seasoning.

I loved that I got the WOW clip in my bag. It fits perfect with this page because I truly do sit back and say "wow". I am blessed beyond measure by some amazing friendships in my life. 

More "seasoning" with a lovely transparency. Transparencies are such great symbolism to put on a page. Not only do they look great from a design point of view but, they also exude the act of being transparent. That's another quality in a great friendship. No masks. No fronts. It is what it is. The good, the bad and the ugly. 

And here is the whole page after all the close ups. That fab photo was taken the second day I moved back to my hometown.  It was a GREAT night of reminiscing and being at peace with the decision to come back. I did a grid style on the page because I also like the thought of a brick wall.

(Think the Three Little Pigs and the Bible story of the man who built his house upon the rock versus the man who built his house upon the sand.)

Brick is strong. Stable. Sturdy. It can stand the test of time. It will not crumble. It cannot be blown over by a mean old wolf. 

That's what I like to think about when it comes to my friendships.

Do you find that your friendships help you THRIVE in life? Do you feel uplifted? Have you grown as a person? It's a pretty cool feeling isn't it?

Thanks for swinging by today!

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