Behind the Art with Jen

 Hello friends!  Here's another one of my pages this month with the "Thrive" kit!  This one is a fun, high-contrast layout.  I recently went to the New York State Fair and visited the butterfly exhibit.  It was amazing!  They were everywhere and landed on me immediately.  It was so cool!  I could have stayed in there for the whole day.  In the middle of this crazy crowded fair, these little beauties were thriving and a little piece of calm.
This paper with all the words on a black background was screaming for me to use it but it was very bold and so I used a bit of gesso and some of the Distress Paint to tone it down a bit where the journaling and photos were to go.
 Lots of words and fun phrase stickers made this just so perfect for all my thoughts about this day. It was magical and oh so amazing!
 You can see the fun little sewn details I added with my machine.  I also love those stars, faces, and epoxy gems.  They add the perfect celebratory touch!

Throughout my visit to the butterfly exhibit I couldn't help but feel bad that they were enclosed in the space for our amusement and delight.  There was one butterfly that had a broken wing and was on the floor.  I thought it was dead but it moved.  I gently picked it up with the q-tip they gave us with nectar on it to attract the butterflies.  I place the butterfly on a plant and hoped it would get better but  I'm sure it had a limited time left.  Those beautiful creatures only stay with us for a short time. It was an honor to be landed on and enjoy their beauty for that short time.  They are meant to be free but it was so awesome to interact with them that day.

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