Behind the Art with Jen

 This journal page was about dealing with the mess and learning from it!  I teach art to elementary aged kids and sometimes we make a BIG MESS!  Art is messy!  I always tell my kids that if they didn't get messy, they didn't make artwork.  It's a process and sometimes the mess is amazing and sometimes it's a disaster!
 I try to find the best way to store materials so they stay organized and easy to use but my best efforts might not be enough.  Sometimes it's hopeless and I have to just toss it and start over!
 This was one instance when the tangled mess of yard in my yarn box was too much to handle.  I had to assign kids to try to wind up and untangle as much as possible but in the end I had to cut the tangled mess free and toss it!  
 Here's how I made the page.  I pasted down paper scraps using Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Gel Medium.  Then, I used the Distress Paint to stamp circles on the orange paper.
 Next, I used the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Bead Gel mixed with Gold Gelatos on a craft mat.  I applied the mixture to the stencil for a dimensional embellishment.
 When it dries, it's slightly transparent where it's thinner.  I love the look of the Glitter Bead Gel!

 Some drips of watered down Distress Paint to the page adds some texture and color.

 This page was full of artsy goodness and lots of fun papers, embellishments, mediums, and journaling!

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