Behind the Art with Felecia

I could not have done the Liberation theme without telling the story of how I first met Jesus. I was surprised to find that such a momentous story of my life has NEVER found its way to a page.

This is a story I must have told a hundred times, reviewing in my own mind the details, but I've never documented it on a page or in a journal.

How is it that sometimes our most important stories remain untold? How is it that the turning points on our journey so often remain undocumented? And how is it that our spiritual stories so often take a back seat to our other stories in our journals and pages?

Its somewhat surprising to me that I can remember the weather, what I was wearing, the Bible verses, all the details of this story. 

Somehow the butterflies seem appropriate to tell the story of this kind of transformative experience. Because I really WAS set free from the things that slowed me down, made me feel like I had to crawl. 

Sequins are not something I've used before in my layouts. I experimented a bit with just tossing them onto the page to see where they would land...I did it  few times and then sort of glued them where they landed, moving them a bit here or there.

They feel bubbly to me, effervescent, like they are rising to the top. Is this not the way a spiritual experience makes us feel? Effervescent? Like we are rising?

In the end, this is what Liberation really means to me - to be set free from bondage, from chains and beliefs that hold me down, keep me restrained.

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