Behind the Art with Stacey

Last month, I scrapped about some of my fears. I put my worries on paper in an effort to let them go.  I had found out that I have rosacea on my face and was very worried about the lasting effect.  Shortly after creating that page, I began my gratitude journal again.  I followed the dermatologist's directions and found a good skin care routine. I also make a shift in how I was eating and drinking.

All of those changes are paying off and I am feeling much better 6 weeks later.  I am confident that my body can heal itself and I will move forward in a positive direction.

I wanted to put this page together to celebrate how gratitude has liberated me.  I can be the master of my own thoughts and my own path.  I used the sticker with that similar saying on the large circle. 

I used the pink shape and the flower because rosacea involves redness.  Mine is fading and most days, you can't tell.  The flower represents a newfound acceptance.  Out of something difficult comes something beautiful.

Of course, this saying is perfect.  Life is how you look at it.  I am thankful for my blessings and know this is just a hurdle that I can get over.  It is taking time, but everyday there is progress.
It was cool to scrap one page after the other, with a month's time in between. 

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