Behind the Art with Felecia

In August, it just seems right to be barefoot. I find liberation in being shoeless - especially in the dead heat of the summer. But even when its cold, I would prefer barefoot to most anything else. 

I suppose there is a certain amount of hippy girl in me...

Or maybe its my Southern California sensibility (the one I still have even though we live in the South and on the opposite coast now).

I personally think its that I spent my early career in banking and at the time there were tons of regulations about how we had to dress - uncomfortable shoes included. 

Or it could be that the shoes I ran around in as a child always seemed so comfortable, like my own skin.

Now, I'm still a girl who loves shoes...and pedicures...and all the lovely and even comfortable options that are out there for shoes today...but still...no shoes...that is one of my personal favorites.

Looking at this, I think its just a little weird that I did a layout about my bare feet. But, it is IS such a part of my person, this wanting to be shoe-less. Its also a challenge to consider how to use symbolism associated with Liberation in a layout. My ideas were: hippy/flower child kind of images and the feeling of "cool."

I wanted to evoke the feeling of bare wood floors and I like the idea of playing on the hippy theme with this considering the kit contents. 

The blue / aqua color is my "cool."

The brown paper with some paint around the edges is my "wood floor." 

And the layers of flowers and curvy free-flowing stencil are my "hippy."

I wonder what sort of things this will bring up in our future when this layout is found in one of my albums. It makes me laugh to myself about the idea of it all.

What sort of clothing or style items make you feel liberated? Do you enjoy wearing your hair down or your yoga pants? Is there something you wear that represents your liberation - tennies? earrings? a leather biker jacket? What about body art? What other style things might represent your liberation (or lack thereof)? Your home decor? Your car? Your phone cover? 

I'd love to see what you think of!!

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