Behind the Art with Stacey

I like to scrap the things in life that I appreciate the most.  I truly believe a sense of gratitude is liberating.  It sets me free from worry and keeps what is most important in perspective.  When I close my eyes and imagine feeling liberated, I see myself laughing and letting go.  I visualize myself dancing and singing.

There is a group of women in my life who make me feel liberated.  I know I can be myself through and through.  I feel young and free and adventurous with them.

I decided to use the This is My Everyday Life card because I actually work with all of these ladies.  I get to feel happy and supported on a daily basis!  I built my page from that large card, using the yellow slotted card below the photo.  I grabbed a shot of us laughing our heads off. 

The numbers represent the fact that I am always going to laugh when we are together.  It is like clockwork. 

To balance out the gray and the large elements, I used the stickers across the top.  I hummed the tune of this song as I scrapped.  Then I wrote my words.  Putting gratitude down on paper makes it real and lasting.  I believe it attracts positive energy in the world!

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