Behind the Art with Sofia - July Guest Designer


To be perfectly honest, the word perspective really scared me. I didn’t think I had anything to scrap about or a story to tell. I then realized that Perspective can be anything because it is how you see things! 

How do you see the world around you, people, things, experiences? I think that is a really good thing for you all to hear in case you are thinking that the theme this month is impossible to scrap about. It was definitely a challenge and made me really think. I then found that my journaling was really hard to make short, I had tons to say!

I am a world traveler and always am looking for my next destination. Ironically I am in Germany as you read this! From the moment my mom dragged me (pretty much by my hair because I really didn’t want to go) to Europe I was hooked! I saw things that I loved and the world became bigger. I had no idea what was out there! I had once been a home body; never wanting to leave my Santa Monica bubble but now I just want to leave all the time! But I also do love my home and my city and am very proud to live in Santa Monica. I feel grateful for what I have every day.

The photo that I used is a photo I took on my last travels to Germany. This is an amazing place called Rothenberg ob der Touber. It is my favorite place that I have visited on my travels so far because it’s not only Christmas time all year round but it’s breathtakingly beautiful!

I have to admit that this page was more fun than anything. I didn’t really dig deep on this page like I have in the past but it was still fulfilling. I always enjoy scrapbooking and I think that this page is very pretty. I am super happy with how it turned out. 

Have a great day!


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