Behind the Art with Jen

Hi artsy friends!  I have another of my layouts to share with you! This one was one of the easiest and fastest that I've made!  I 'm usually a slow scrapper so this was a surprise.  The pieces that took the longest were cutting out the butterflies from one of the papers.  Otherwise all the other papers and embellishments made it really easy to put this page together fast!

This layout started with my wondering what other people's perspective is when they see me. What do they see?  Sometimes I get wrapped up in worrying about how I'm coming across to others.  What other people think is beyond my control or is it?  Is how I speak, look and act within my control?  Should it be a real concern for me or just relax and let it go?  Can I do that?  All of these questions go through my mind at random times in the day.  I wonder if I should worry about it or just be what I am and hope others can accept that.  Getting wrapped up in these worries can sometimes make me freeze  when meeting new people.  Most of the time, I am confident and friendly but there are times when these thoughts override my confidence.

 The words around the photo of me is symbolic as in words that I wish others would be saying about me when I'm not listening.  Things that I sometimes tell myself and sometimes withhold from myself.  I get down on myself and how I look but also how I act.  I hope that I'm coming across as friendly or caring but there are times that I'm sure I'm perceived as stand-offish and bitchy.  I shouldn't care what others think but there are times I worry about it.

I need to just love myself and as I get older, I do worry less about other's opinions but I still do care about how I'm perceived.  It's hard to not get wrapped up in impressions.
I used the butterflies to symbolize how I feel when I first meet someone or am nervous about this... I get butterflies in my stomach!  I loved this background paper too!  It's so perfect for the colors and all the paint splatters.
Do you care what others say about you?  Does it worry you or do you have enough confidence to overcome judgment by others? 

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