Behind the Art with Stacey

I mentioned earlier this month that I was really struggling to find perspective in life.  I was living with worry and anxiety, which was effecting my health and my relationships.  This kit is so perfectly timed.  By completing my pages, I had to face my worry and really think about perspective.  Hitting the theme head on helped me to find a good balance.

When I think of perspective in my life, I really need to remember how blessed I am.  When you are facing some challenging situations, you sometimes forget that.  Stepping back and thinking about what you are grateful for really helps.

I chose this photo of my and the kids, which was taken on Mother's Day.  Those two smiles and knowing the love I have for my husband needs to be kept as my frame of reference.  Life's challenges may come and go, but family is what fills you up.  I used the sky paper along the top to represent how this is my heaven on earth.  I decided to layer a bunch of tags, stickers and cut-outs with meaningful words. 

I used the You Are My Everything strip right near the photo.  I placed the magnifying glass over the my to emphasize how important these two are in my life.  I also added in the bright red shape and the blue arrow as punches of color near the photo.  I journaled about perspective and keeping the right frame of mind.  I basically spoke to myself with the words that I wrote.

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