Behind the Art with Sofia - Guest Designer

Here and There

This layout is a very personal one and I actually still can’t believe that it is up on the web for everyone to see. 

This story was a fun one to tell. The past 7 months of my life have been taken over be a long distance friendship/relationship. The reason why it’s crazy is because this is really my first relationship. I’m not freaking out really, I am taking things one step at a time. As I am writing this before I leave for the airport, I can tell you that I can’t really eat my breakfast and I am not interested in eating (which for me is crazy because I would marry food if I could) and I have the most active butterflies in my stomach. But it’s all excitement and will hopefully die down a bit as the day goes on.

I used a lot of symbolism in this layout. I first want to point out how many patterns and colors and stuff there is on this page. Feeling nauseous? That was the idea. Whenever I tell people Max and I’s story (which you may read on the journaling close up), I pretty much always get the reaction of, “Oh my God that is so cute! Barf…” So I sort of wanted to put that on the page. 

Another symbol would be the clouds on the bottom of the page. I put everything above the clouds because when I am on my way to him, I will be literally flying above the clouds! Also, the top pink calendar is situated to show January to June which are the full 6 months that we have gone without seeing each other and keeping in touch through Skype dates and Whatsapp.

I really enjoyed doing this page. I feel pretty good about the way s came out. The one thing is I still don’t feel like it is finished! I have never felt this way, I usually always feel done but not with this one. I’m wondering f it is because I’m still not sure where this relationship is going quite yet. Even though I have a pretty sure feeling about where it’s going I’m not totally sure! 



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