Behind the Art with Jen

Hi artsy friends!  My last page this month with the Perspective kit was one that was simple but I wanted to have a big impact with words.

This page is all about my first education rally in which I attended with thousands of other educators to speak out to our politicians in Albany, NY.  We are concerned with the rash decisions they have made in regards to public education funding, mandates, testing, and evaluations.  All of which affect our kids and my job.  I am a teacher.  I care about my student's education and being well rounded people. 
 I used my Cricut Expressions to cut these words out of the paper and added patterned paper behind the words to give them some color!  This is a fun way to add bold elements to your page!
 The letter stickers are perfect for adding some little title words.

 I printed a large photo of the panoramic shot of the rally and then popped up a smaller photo of some other teachers from my district and myself.  I am tired of educators being blamed for all the ills in the world.  We are professionals who care for children's education but we have to follow national and state mandates that we don't always agree with or that no teacher was involved in creating.  Politicians and business people make these choices that might look good on paper and with funding in mind but are not good for kids or for all kids. They do not take individuals into consideration with their decisions.  So many things affect learning:  poverty, family support (or lack there of), experiences, traumas, disabilities, learning styles, hormones, etc... you cannot standardize learning and expect ALL students to achieve at the same rate or with the same results.  It's just not possible but politicians and heads of departments expect just that because they do not understand what it's like to be a teacher and know all of these factors in each kid.  It's frustrating but we will not stop fighting for what's right for our kids.  As a teacher, parent, and community member I want what's best for my child NOT what's best for budgets, data, and big business's bottom line. That is why we rally... that is my perspective and that of over 40,000 + educators in New York State!
Whatever your stand is on public education, know that most educators work really hard to provide the best education we are trained or are allowed to provide.  We are fighting for better and those of us that really truly care about kids won't stop fighting the public's ignorance and politician's skewed priorities.

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