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Let’s explore some more of his Perspective kit!

Have you ever been in the midst of encouraging another and realized how really amazing your own situation is?

I fully discourage comparing oneself to others. I believe the saying that we tend to compare our behind-the-scenes to the hi-light reel of the lives of others.

BUT I found myself comparing the “what is” to the “what could be” in terms of how good things were for my seven year old son.

My boy, like most boys his age, is keenly aware of positive attention and fiercely competitive when it comes to games and sports. Put simply, he has a strong desire to be first, to win. We’ve been working a lot on graceful losing and being truly happy for others who do well.

Even as an adult, this can be hard to master. I find myself regularly talking through how to get a healthy perspective about losing or not being first or not meeting a goal, or whatever situation provides this opportunity.

In the midst of one of these conversations, I suddenly realized how critical a healthy perspective is on my own well-being…because I, too, tend to push hard, try harder, work hardest all for the sake of…well…winning, achieving, checking things off my list! (where did this boy of mine get this, after all!!?!?)

I think the journaling on this was really an internal dialog I was having with myself for some time before it reached paper. When we don’t “win” taking stock of how really blessed we are, having gratitude for where we are and who we are and the relationships in our lives that are precious puts all of it into the right order. 

I chose to fussy cut the butterflies and then give them dimension like they are taking flight of the page. When I get my heart in the right place, when I have the right perspective, I feel lighter, and beautiful, and like I could fly myself. It’s very simple imagery…but so effective to illustrate that we can live a life that is flat or one that isn’t and that our perspective dictates that.

For ME, this whole theme is further cemented by the picture I used…the photo is of an award ceremony where my sweet boy was given an award for being caring…now THAT is the sort of award I find worth in striving for!

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