Behind the Art with Melissa

Hi everyone!

I saved my favorite journaling page for last, with all of you!

This page is all about the future. When I think about Direction, I think about the journey to come and it makes me excited. All the possibilities. All the new opportunities. Who will I meet? What will I do? What will I learn? And really, it can only make me a better person.

I cut the strips of pattern paper into pennants and banners. A simple way to showcase movement and direction. Lots of arrows going different directions. I really do believe the world is our oyster. So many possibilities! 

I love the metal geo tag clip. The rings help to symbolize freedom but it still is something to mark where I've been and that I loved it. It's a memory to put in my memory bank.

And now for my favorite part of this layout. This is more design than it is symbolism. Even though the arrows and compass like shape of the mask definitely symbolizes direction, I just LOVE the look of this blue paint and modeling past on the white cardstock. I was so excited when I lifted the mask! Haha! It was super easy to mix up the paint and modeling paste. Then I spread it over the mask with a craft knife. After lifting it, I flipped it over and did the print on the bottom right of the page. 

Thank you for swinging by today! I can't believe July is right around the corner!

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