Behind the Art with Jen Matott

It's a hot and steamy night here in Central New York. I just ran my first 3.5 mile race and it was awesome! I'm a hurting unit right now but nothing a little rest won't fix!  But I came home and wanted to write this blog post detailing one of my favorite pages from this kit!

I had a blast using the little stencil from Crafter's Workshop with some Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Textural Accents Whipped Spackle!  I just laid the stencil down and used a palette knife to smooth some over and around the stencil. When I pulled it off, it left a raised texture!  It's always magic to me!  I had so much fun with that! Here's a detail so you can see the dimension.

 I watered down the distress paint a bit and brushed it over the modeling paste and also splattered paint around. I loved the look of this!

 This page is about exploring your surroundings. While in Italy a few summers ago, my husband and I walked along and came to an unexpected sight.  This tree lined path was not only gorgeous but it symbolized to me that unexpected discoveries can make you stop and reflect.  I walked down this path and felt hugged by those trees.  It was beautiful with the sunlight twinkling through.  I felt like it was a chance to follow it until the end and see where it leads.  A metaphor for life in the sense that you stubble into situations or pathways and you have a choice to follow it along to see where it goes or bypass and miss out on the opportunities.
 What discoveries or directions have taken you to wonderful things?  

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