Behind the Art with Heather

Hey there! It's Heather here with my first layout for the month of June! 

When I was thinking of the topic of direction, the thought came to me that I am heading into some uncharted territory very soon in my life. I am planning on attending college this fall (going back to school after being out for over a year is going to be interesting). I'm also turning 20 in October, which is going to be kinda weird. I won't be a teenager anymore! I like the thought of 20 though. Seems like a perfect age. Still young, but not too young. Seems like the age you should be able to do stuff. What, I don't know. Haha.

But all of this new stuff makes me nervous. I am not a fan of "going blindly." But yet I do like new stuff. So, I'm a little bit torn. I feel happy and also a tad bit scared. Seems like by now I should be used to not knowing where life is taking me, but that's not the case. I have lots of anxiety sometimes thinking about LIFE. But then my optimistic side says, "Get used to it! It's just how life is, so enjoy it!" Then I calm down and I'm alright with it. [take a deep breath… let it out…]

On this layout, I used a photo of a winding road that I actually took not too long ago around where I live. We have lots of beautiful hills around here and I thought the view in this photo was just gorgeous. What better symbolism on a page than the photo itself?! It made me happy that I got to use that picture too. I wanted to scrap it the moment I took it. :)

The big geotag paperclip I used by the title is one of my favorite embellishments ever. It totally connects to my title. Kinda like saying, "Right here, right now." Geotags aren't just for pointing out where you physically are. They can be used for pin pointing where you are in life… This time my geotag points out that I am entering new places more than telling the viewer where the photo was physically taken. The wood veneer in this month's kit is super awesome, too. I used that little car with the suitcases on top because I was in the car when I took the photo. Sometimes obvious symbolism is fun. ;) 

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I hope you are inspired!

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