Behind the Art with Stacey

This week I am sharing a page that is about my two children.  Being a mom has led me in many amazing directions.  Sometimes I just feel like I am running around like crazy, dazed and confused. 

Then there are the times where I am stopped in my tracks.  Maybe one of them said something very witty or profound.  It could even be a photo that makes me pause.  That is what happened when I saw these recent photos of my two kids.  It took my breath away because they look so grown to me.  My son looks like a teenager with his newly grown out hair.  I can see the "them" of the future.

I was inspired to create this page:

I placed the photos one above the other, the exact same shot.  I made one much brighter and bigger.  It is as if they have grown before my eyes.  I also placed the gray along that side to really ground the layout.  I just dig those metal wire hearts...I used one on every page.  I placed it right on the photo.

I wanted to use the arrows going in random directions because I am not sure where they will go in the future.  I just see them as teenagers and soon after that, adults.  I used the wood map in the middle of both photos and made the arrows shoot out from there.  I embellished the Adventure Starts Here card with the camera. 

My favorite part is always the story.  I just write from my heart.  I don't let any worry about my writing style or handwriting hold me back.  That allows the words to flow. 

Some of my favorite pages involve those where I can scrap my true feelings and raw emotions.  Being able to capture a moment and a thought is so beautiful.

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