Behind the Art with Heather: Wandering

Hey there! It's Heather here again to share with you another page I made with this month's "Direction" kit.

Ok, so in case you can't read it, the title of this page is "Not all who wander are lost." I have a hard time photographing white-on-white designs… I haven't quite found the secret to setting my camera right so that you can see the details of such bright exposures. 

I cut the title with my Silhouette Cameo from a free cut file I found on Pinterest. I thought it fit this month's theme SO well. Totally fits my life right now, too. During this past year (after I graduated high school), I haven't really achieved any of my goals. That's not to say that I was lazy or unfocused, I just kinda… wandered. I think that describes it quite well. I don't regret this past year of my life, but certainly nothing has happened out of the ordinary. I haven't taken any MAJOR steps in that time period, but yet I have been making choices and doing things that I know will affect my future. Which is good. :)

Wandering isn't always bad. I'm not lost. I know where I'm going in life. I certainly don't know the path I'll be taking to get there, but I know there's a reason I am where I am right now and experiencing what I'm experiencing. 

So I used a photo of my feet from when I went to San Francisco (see the geotag with the "SF" stickers?) for this page. I thought that photo would be a great symbol of wandering. The stencil that comes in this month's kit is also amazing. Perfect for this type of page. That arrow wheel symbolizes wandering perfectly. Going in all different directions, but none of them have dead ends. They're all going somewhere. And you'll get there someway. It just might be by means of another direction. 

So do you WANDER? Are you comfortable with wandering? Or maybe you've got it all under control and you have a set map for your life. Let me know in the comments section! :) Thanks for joining me for another "Behind the Art" segment! 

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