Behind the Art with Stacey

Happy Monday!  I am here to share another page using the May kit, Intuition.  I am a person who lives by her gut instinct.  I use that instinct all the time at home, with friends, in new situations and when at work.  I really trust my gut and will often follow through on any feelings I might have.

I created this page to record how much I trust my instincts.

I used the softer, feminine tones in the kit.  I placed the Life is Beautiful tag right under the photo and lined up the trust letters, overlapping them so they fit in the space.  I added a small punch of floral to make the picture come to life.

I love the sentiment of this circle tag.  I layered it with a heart since trust comes from the heart. I also used the light bulb to signify the fact that my gut yields strong and creative thoughts.  I used the sequins as glimmers of ideas that flow when I trust. 

I continued the heart theme by using the rectangular quote and placing the metal heart under it.  It is almost as though my heart is speaking.
Each page has symbolic use of the goodies inside!  I pick my theme, figure out the tone I want to set, and look for repeating elements.  Once you have a good idea, trust it.  A heartwarming page usually comes from it!

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