Behind the Art with Melissa

Hi everyone,

When it comes to Intuition, do you feel like you have this "sixth sense"? 

There has always been a part of me that seems to know something more than what others might realize. I call it discernment. I attribute it to my faith. It's my belief that we are all wired with a natural gift or two or three. We all have things we are good at. Natural talents. Personality traits. Some of us are outgoing. Some of us are encouragers. Some of us are natural teachers or leaders. And I have always felt this natural discerning quality within myself.

It's an amazing gift to have and yet, I have trouble trusting myself. There is always a hesitation in saying out loud what I am feeling for fear I may be wrong or completely "out there".  For example, when I get to know people, there are times red flags go off in my head without any other explanation other than... it's how I feel.

Regardless of the hesitation or feeling of pressure to get it right, it is something that I'm leaning into. Something that I want to build confidence in. 

This layout is all about embracing the love I have for this part of me. I included lots of hearts and circles while keeping is simple too.

The smears of paint reminded me of wiping off the fog from a window or mirror. Sometimes removing that veil or whatever is blocking our full view of something, is so important. It helps to see the REAL me and embrace it. 

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