Behind the Art with Stacey

Happy May!  The months seem to be flying by, but no complaints!  With a new month comes a new kit!  This month we are exploring the concept of Intuition.  I love this word and the meaning behind it!

I am a big fan of the prompts that Rachel creates each month to go with the kit!  It really gets my thinking in a unique way!  But I had an idea for a page prior to getting the prompts...it involved my daughter and her super smart intuition.  This girl just has it.  She sees something in her head and goes with her instincts, full force.

I picked this picture of her because she is wearing shades in the middle of winter.  Total Ella, one of a kind!  My instinct was to incorporate the light bulb wire clips and the Dreamy Day card.  I also grabbed the birds paper because it represents soaring and flying, freedom!  I want her to keep dreaming and imagining.

The page was a bit boring and plain.  So I decided to add the pink polka dot circles using the paint from the kit.  I like how it added some tone on tone color.  I originally had the Create title all layered together under the photo.  As I looked at the page, I realized that I could spread them out, one letter with each pink dot.  It is unexpected and random, kinda like my daughter's creative thoughts.
Of course, the story.  I like to write directly to the person when I am creating a page.  I want her to know that I am talking to her.  I added the bright red heart for a final punch.  I love to combine the elements of the kit to make fun pages! 

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