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Hi everyone!

This months kit, Intuition, really had me challenged. It is definitely a unique twist on visually journaling and thinking about what is going on in my head and heart. I tend to over think things too so, that didn't help!

Thank goodness for journaling prompts! I'm going to share with you the one that inspired this layout:

Woman’s Intuition: What about being female might give us the extra insight into the human condition that we call ‘woman’s intuition’? Do you believe that it really exists?

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Interestingly, right as I read that prompt, I was in the midst of watching an episode of Friends. (I love Friends. I have all 10 seasons on DVD and watch them too much!) The episode was one where Rachel and Ross are together and he shares something with her that he thought would stay between the two of them. (Star Wars anyone? You'll get that if you watched the show.) She ends up telling Phoebe who, in turn, teases Ross behind his back (literally) only to have him turn around and see her doing so. Well, this opens up a big conversation between Rach and Ross about how women share things with each other. Then, it got me thinking about my two amazing friends. Yep. We share pretty much everything. There are things I tell them that no one else knows.

It's because I trust them.

And I believe that my "woman's intuition" has something to do with that.

As women, I believe we have this other layer within us. One that helps us know who those people will be, that we let into the deepest part of our hearts and souls. We have this extra gut check hormone... or whatever... and I bet that every woman reading this can tell me at least ONE person they know, that is their TRUE. 

We can't explain it.

We just know.

I chose a large circle as my base for this layout because I like the symbolism of circles. Never ending and it brings people together. Like a prayer circle. Or a game where you have to circle up. Or a huddle before a sport event like football. I think of my friend moments where we huddle up and have a good heart chat with each other.

I used bows and sequins because I like that girly touch. But, I also think that having women like this in my life, help beautify ME. They add sparkle and the like to my soul. I love that thought and imagery!

The title is placed firmly across the top with pop dots. I wanted to elevate each letter because I thought of a sign. 

Bear with me.

A sign announces. It grabs your attention. It states the name of something.  And that's what I wanted to do here. These are my women. My sisters. And I truly believe, because our WOMAN intuition, we knew that we were going to be great friends that were trustworthy, honest and... well... amazing. 

Thanks for swinging by today! And thank you for joining me on the blog this week.

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