Behind the Art with Stacey

For my last page of the month, I decided to celebrate a major accomplishment!  All of the page elements were carefully chosen to help me communicate my happiness!

I have recently finished a 90 day exercise and clean eating program.  It has been hard work and commitment!  When you push yourself to accomplish something so challenging and important, it is a great feeling!  I decided to use this bold background to convey my excitement!

I cut out these arrows to draw attention to the typewriter below and add some weight to the right side of the page.  I also think they look like military badges.  It reminds me of discipline.

I also used this pink typewriter as a way to record my accomplishment.  I placed the Smile frame as if I typed out my journaling.  Not every page needs a ton of journaling to tell the story.  There was just enough room to share my feelings.  I added fun details like the sequins and stars.
Scrapbooking should be fun and showcase your personality!

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