Behind the Art: Love Who You Are

I am a thinker. I admit that I don't trust my intuition as much as I probably could… or should… Which brings up the question: should you trust your intuition? I think so. I think it makes life easier if you trust yourself, but I am not very good at it. And I'm ok with that. My page today reflects that: love who you are.

First, I'll share my journaling with you. 

"I am a thinker. When it comes to making a decision, I don't usually go with my first instinct. I think about it. And think about it some more. But that's just how I am. And I'm ok with that." 

So first I looked up intuition. What does it even mean? 

intuition- the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning:

Ooh, so that got me thinking. Without the need for conscious reasoning? So what does reasoning mean, in dictionary terms?

reasoning- the action of thinking about something in a logical, sensible way:

So using those two definitions, I figured out that I am a person who reasons a lot more than goes with her intuition. I wish I trusted myself more, but that's not the way I am. I think things through. (Sometimes too much…) But then comes the next subject of the day: I am ok with it.

Yes, there are times when being intuitive would be fabulous, but for the most part, I am HAPPY being just the way I am. A reasonable human being. A girl who thinks about things and the repercussion of her actions than a person who jumps off a cliff without giving it another thought. I thought it was important to document my feelings about this. 

I came upon this awesome title card from Glitz Design (the Carpe Diem line). It fit PERFECT. "Love who you are." Yup, that's pretty much how I roll. I'm pretty satisfied being me. 

The kit this month contains some awesome embellishments that make for easy, meaningful scrapbooking. For example, the awesome lightbulb paper clips. (I'm just imagining Gru from Despicable Me going, "Light-bulb!" LOL) What could be better than documenting an "Ah ha!" moment in your life? I used the cute little pink bow (it's actually on a twine garland, but I just took it off and used it by itself) to represent my femininity. Then I used lots of bright colors (and a super bold and bright background!) to represent my personality. Bright and cheerful. :)

So, are you an intuitive person? Or are you like me and you're a thinker? Are you ok with being the way that you are? Let me know in the comments! :)

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Leigh Ann said...

I work hard to trust myself. I have learned that my gut is right and now it's just learning to actually do what my gut is telling me...not always that easy LOL. I haven't got my kit in the mail yet, but when I do I'm very excited about working through this one!