Behind the Art with Melissa

Hi everyone!

So how do you make decisions?

I'm not one who thinks about it for too long. I'll outweigh the pros and cons for a bit but, deep down, I've usually already got my mind made up. And what do I rely on the most? Not necessary my gut. Sometimes I like to pack those nagging feelings way down and go with my emotions.

It's not always the best way to go. 

However, I know that there are many things in life that I would regret missing out on had I not just taken the leap. Hindsight my tell me that the approach could have been different and even the timing but... the overall feeling of satisfaction and achievement usually trump all that.

I used a lot of the heart elements on this layout because most of my decisions in life are made from the heart. 

What does this have to do with Intuition? 

Well, I think it has a lot to do with it because intuition is all about those inner-thoughts... your gut-instincts... and both of those play into decision making a lot!

I love the idea of living with hands wide open. Not clenching anything or holding on... but completely letting go. It's scary. It's liberating.

Life can be so much richer if we would learn to trust our gut, live with hands open and make every moment count! You can do it!

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